LCCINLillian Carter Center for International Nursing (Emory University; Atlanta, GA)
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The list includes all the important stakeholders: the RNB, CNO, PAHO/CPC, Commonwealth Ministers Secretariat for Nursing and Midwifery, UWI, LCCIN, Health Canada, International Council of Nurses, the Johnson & Johnson Company, LIAT Airlines, GRASP Inc, the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Program, International Labor Organization, and individual governments within and outside of the region.
and Masters) Value of nursing Mentorship program RNB, COMSEC Social marketing RNB, COMSEC Caribbean nursing RNB, CNO, PA-HO, website LCCIN Year of the Caribbean RNB, CNO, PAHO, UWI, nurse LCCIN, J&J, UK Department of Health, Health Canada, LIAT Utilization and Workload measurement RNB, PAHO, British deployment system Virgin Island's Department of Health Services, Health Canada, GRASP, Inc.
That event, coupled with a request by Kenyatta University for a nursing assessment, resulted in LCCIN joining the U.