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LCCNLibrary of Congress Control Number
LCCNLibrary of Congress Card Number (1960's and before)
LCCNLutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria
LCCNLibrary of Congress Classification Number.
LCCNLima Community Church of the Nazarene (Lima, Ohio)
LCCNLocal Command Center Network
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In his admonition, the District Pastor, LCCN, Bauchi, Reverend Evans Leviticus Bigila, while speaking on the topic, Watch and Pray in a Time Like This, said the Bible predicted that perilous times would come.
With the integration, Blackwell's customers will be able to search for eBook titles using key numeric criteria, such as ISBN, LCCN, or using keyword searching by title, author, publisher, or series title.
1, specifically designed to improve cataloging capabilities worldwide and accommodate the LCCN changes, according to TLC.
According to the company, FreeMARC allows for very fast searching by title, author, ISBN, or LCCN fields.
According to the announcement, FreeMARC allows for very fast searching by title, author, ISBN, or LCCN fields.
Search qualifiers (such as author, title, subject, call number, LCCN, ISBN, etc.
I praised Bibliofile back in 1986 for recognizing automatically the control number which one uses for searching, such as an ISBN, an LCCN, or an ISSN, based on its pattern.
For example, a librarian would input the Title, Author and LCCN or ISBN for items.
Specifically, the letter is dropped, the next number is moved left to fill the void, and the LCCN is padded out to eight digits by inserting zeros after the first two characters and before the remaining digits.
One can avoid burning one's bridges completely, however, by entering a standard number -- ISBN or LCCN for books, ISSN for serials -- into each bibliographic record.
In numeric fields, information about subfield occurrence and length can signal the occurrence of non-standard practices such as the recording of multiple ISBNs in a single $a subfield (subfield length data), the presence of multiple $a subfields in a single LCCN field (subfield occurrence counts compared with field occurrence counts), and distinguish between valid ISBNs (recorded in $a subfields) and those regarded as invalid (recorded in $z subfields).