LCCPLight (Forces) Contingency Communications Package
LCCPLife-Cycle Climate Performance
LCCPLondon Climate Change Partnership (UK)
LCCPLexmark Cartridge Collection Program (recycling)
LCCPLouisiana Cancer Control Partnership
LCCPLaunch Control Computer Program
LCCPLow Cost Cryogenic Propulsion
LCCPLight Communication Configured Package
LCCPLaboratory of Catalysis and Catalytic Processes
LCCPLambert Conformal Conical Projection
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For instance, AHRI developed an LCCP tool for residential heat pumps that evaluates direct and indirect GWP contributions throughout the life of a heat pump based on defining both heating and cooling loads for various cities in the United States (Zhang, 2011).
Para el estudio del comportamiento del sistema LCCP se diseno un experimento numerico que permitio evaluar algunas de las variables que intervienen en cimentaciones de este tipo, entre las que se destacan la influencia del tipo de suelo, el diametro, el numero y la longitud de los pilotes [11-13].
The following sections outline past work on LCCP studies and tools, the LCCP methodology used for the newly developed model, the structure of the Excel-based program, and results for a case study example.
The LCCP employed three techniques that, working together, sought to address the systematic flaws identified in the FWC land cover data:
Zhang and Muehlbauer (2012) have created an LCCP model for residential heat pump systems.
This year the LCCP, an organization dedicated to providing supportive and accessible health care for lesbian, bisexual and transgendered women, hosted its 14th Coming out Against Cancer Ball in Chicago.
Unlike maleated olefins, which tend to detract from lubrication properties, LCCP reportedly increases lubrication, as well as uv and moisture resistance.
Study on Cycle Property and LCCP Evaluation of Heat Pump Using HFO-1234yf, HFC-32, and HFC-410A as Refrigerant.
LCCP calculation tools have been developed for a number of industries and continue to grow in number (GREEN-MAC-LCCP, USEPA; LCCP Tool, ORNL).
A report by Little (2002) presented a comparison of the LCCP of four 10.
I have terminal breast cancer and I fervently wish there were a program like the LCCP in my community.