LCCRLeadership Conference on Civil Rights
LCCRLawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
LCCRLeast Cost Call Routing (video conferencing charge plan)
LCCRLunar Capabilities Concept Review (US NASA)
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GRIFFIN & BRIAN NEWMAN, MINORITY REPORT: EVALUATING POLITICAL EQUALITY IN AMERICA 200 (2008) (noting that only about a dozen votes, out of close to a thousand, contributed to LCCR scores in one representative year).
Only when Whitby concentrates on the most divisive LCCR votes does he find blacks to be more liberal than the average white northern Democrat.
Two ratings were collected: AFL-CIO ratings(330) and LCCR ratings.
AFL-CIO Rating LCCR Rating Name of Member 1993 1994 1993-94 Earl F.
7) Each NAACP annual report contains a list of board members and other officers; for the birth of the LCCR, see Denton Watson, Lion in the Lobby: Clarence Mitchell Jr.
Consequently, the median LCCR score may drop, even if the mean LCCR score increases (Grofman and Handley 1995, 266).
For more information on LCCR and its more than 200 member organizations, visit www.
to Clarence Mitchell, 15 April 1969 and "Suggested Questions LCCR Conference with Secy.
Freeman, Executive Director of Philadelphia Urban League, to Nixon, 7 August 1969, folder: Gen HU 2-2 Employment--States and Territories--Montana to Puerto Rico, Beginning to 12/31/70, box 18, all in HU-Human Rights, Central Files, NPM; Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Memorandum, "Congress Takes Crucial Civil Rights Actions as First Session Ends," 23 December 1969, folder: Memoranda 1969, box D5, LCCR Papers; Nixon Handwritten Comment on News Summary, 17 January 1970, PNWH, part 6, series B, fiche 22.
10) The mean LCCR support score for all members was 59.
Two comments are in order about our use of LCCR scores as a measure of minority representation.
Wade Henderson, Executive Director of LCCR said, "Today some consumer finance lending practices represent a great threat to families working to achieve financial security.