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LCDLiquid Crystal Display (display technology)
LCDLeast Common Denominator
LCDLowest Common Denominator
LCDLocal Coverage Determination
LCDLiquid Crystal Diode
LCDLocal Coverage Decisions (Medicare)
LCDLutte contre la Désertification (French: Fight against Desertification)
LCDLocal Configuration Datastore
LCDLow Carbohydrate Diet
LCDLord Chancellor's Department (UK government)
LCDLocal Climatological Data
LCDLoss of Cell Delineation (ATM)
LCDLesotho Congress for Democracy (Lesotho)
LCDLaminate Cartridge
LCDLeonard Cheshire Disability (Kenya)
LCDLiquor Carbonis Detergens (skin treatment)
LCDLeveraged Commentary & Data (Standard & Poor's; New York, NY)
LCDLearner-Centered Design
LCDLattice Corneal Dystrophy
LCDLISP Code Directory (Emacs)
LCDLitres per Capita per Day
LCDLey de Competencia Desleal (Spanish: Unfair Competition Law)
LCDLatino Consent Decree
LCDLand Conservation District
LCDLetter Carrier Depot (Canada Post)
LCDLong Constrained Delay
LCDLease Commencement Date
LCDLimited Conversion Division (military)
LCDLoopback Command, Digital Loop Request
LCDLocation de Véhicules Courte Durée (French: Short Term Car Rental)
LCDLiving Causes Death (online radio show and cartoon)
LCDLast Certified Day
LCDLarge Cerenkov Detector
LCDLattice Code Decoder
LCDLogistics Communications Division
LCDLine Concentrating Device (Nortel)
LCDLauncher Closure Door (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)
LCDLink Community Development (various locations)
LCDLocal Column Decoder (computer memory)
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Recognizing the need to develop a small-sized SOG LCD of superior picture quality, we at NEC LCD Technologies have striven for many years to enhance our SOG technology, one of our core competences, to enable a model that fulfills the needs of the industrial field.
Residing in the E5's embedded programmable logic, a royalty-free graphics controller IP module is parameterizable to drive any single scan passive LCD display panel.
Finally, Samsung will display a wide portfolio of LCD panels for computer monitor applications, including a 30" wide-aspect-ratio model, which is the industry's largest LCD panel of its type.
Philips LCD will show its fleet of TFT-LCD panels for desktop monitors, including the world's largest 30-inch wide QXGA+ (2560 x 1600) LCD panel that boasts superior color gamut of 117 percent.
Philips LCD will also host a joint research and development office and collaborate with a Syntax-Brillian engineering team on the development of cutting-edge digital entertainment products utilizing advanced LG.
The LCD modules market in the Greater China region continues to grow at an average annual rate of 20 percent.
Philips LCD, said, "As part of our strategy to improve customer alignment, this new facility will enable us to better respond to the needs of our customers in a timely and efficient manner.
This report comprehensively analyses the market and industry of the large, medium and small sized LCD Drive ICs, and of the medium and small sized OLED.
Samsung's new 70-inch LCD panel is the first TV display that can reproduce full HD video images at 120Hz, giving it a technological edge over plasma display panels (PDPs).
Philips LCD will demonstrate its line-up of full high definition (1920 x 1080, two megapixels) TFT-LCD panels for HDTVs, including 37-, 42- and 47-inch widescreen displays.
Toshiba will also benefit from this relationship by securing a steady supply of LCD panels from this plant.
Hyun He Ha, said, "Super-slim LCD panels are one of the most important technologies for mobile phones today, and this latest development reaffirms LG.