LCDELaparoscopic Common Bile Duct Exploration (surgery)
LCDELaser Communications Demonstration Equipment (communication system)
LCDELocal Centre of Distance Education (Slovakia)
LCDELiver Cyst-Derived Epithelia
LCDELiver Cyst-Derived Epithelium
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Key next steps include identifying consistent criteria and a standard process for assessing a logistician's competency levels and overall professional development; publication of career path roadmaps for 1-, T-, and E-type logisticians; and development of a pilot implementation to support future activation of the LCDE The ultimate outcome of this far-reaching initiative, of course, is a robust, integrated, agile, and high-performing future workforce of multi-faceted, interchangeable DoD logisticians who are capable of succeeding in a joint operating environment.
The LCDE pledged $100,000 to supplement the $75,000 Julie and Chad raised from their partners.
Two additional weeks of waiting went by before the bank asked for a revised business plan and informed them the $100,000 from LCDE would not count toward the down payment.