LCLSLewis and Clark Library System (Edwardsville, IL)
LCLSLincoln County Library System (Wyoming)
LCLSLackawanna County Library System (Pennsylvania)
LCLSLee County Library System (Fort Myers, Florida)
LCLSLinac Coherent Light Source (Stanford linear accerator center)
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Becoming operational last fall, the first experimental results from the LCLS are starting to appear at scientific meetings.
Presentation JFA5, "Nonlinear Processes in N2 Using LCLS Short X-Ray Pulses," by Li Fang et al.
In the LCLS experiment, researchers jetted a thin stream of helium droplets, like a nanoscale string of pearls, into a vacuum.
While it is common knowledge that triggering resonances in atoms will affect their charged states, "it was not clear to anybody what a dramatic effect this could have in heavy atoms when they are being ionized by a source like LCLS," Rolles said.
The team had previously used a laser facility in Germany to expose various atoms and molecules to pulses of ultraviolet light, and was eager to use the higher-energy LCLS for further studies.
I also am particularly proud of the work done to date by a dedicated and talented Alliant LCLS team, led by Pete Bukowick, group vice president, Aerospace Systems, and Bill Wilson, vice president and general manager, Low Cost Launch System.
Design for the conventional facilities portion is accelerated to meet interim approval/funding milestones and the planned LCLS operational date of October 2008.
The LCLS generates its laser beam by accelerating bunches of electrons to nearly the speed of light and setting them on a zig-zag path with a series of magnets.
Until now, creating a narrower wavelength band at LCLS meant subtracting the unwanted wavelengths, resulting in a substantial loss of intensity.
Although LCLS and the neon capsule are both lasers, they create light in different ways and emit light with different attributes.
Scientists have long been able to create plasma from gases and study it with conventional lasers, said co-author Bob Nagler of SLAC, an LCLS instrument scientist.
The LCLS is unique, shining light that can resolve detail the size of atoms at ten billion times the brightness of any other manmade X-ray source.