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LCMSLutheran Church—Missouri Synod
LCMSLearning Content Management System (Docent, Inc.)
LCMSLiving Conditions Monitoring Survey
LCMSLancaster County Medical Society (Nebraska)
LCMSLos Cerros Middle School (Danville, California)
LCMSLindero Canyon Middle School (Agoura Hills, CA)
LCMSLake City Middle School (Lake City, TN)
LCMSLife Cycle Management System
LCMSLouisiana Center for Manufacturing Sciences
LCMSLangley Community Music School (Langley, British Columbia, Canada)
LCMSLocal COMSEC Management Software
LCMSLaser Countermeasures System
LCMSLow Cost Missile System
LCMSLiquid Chromatography Coupled Mass Spectroscopy
LCMSLocal Control and Monitoring System
LCMSLocal Communication Management System
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Since Telefonica UK's 25 content creators started using the eXact learning LCMS less than a year ago, their productivity has risen from some 1.
The LCMS study Bible's pages are cluttered: two column printing, with a middle column that lists cross references-80,000 of them according to the Concordia web-site.
The LCMS has a diverse set of constituents including donors, missionaries, pastors, local church members, relief workers, ministry partners, educational institutions, and volunteers.
OutStart Evolution LCMS goes well beyond the delivery of SCORM content to allow customers the benefits of rapid authoring, editing and managing content while protecting their existing investments.
Along with Paul Bunjes and Carlos Messerli, I was a member of the LCMS group of three.
We had many entries for our first-ever technology in action awards and the NSTA LCMS implementation stood out from the rest," said Joyceann Cooney- Garippa, group publisher & show director, Training Magazine.
7) Arthur Carl Piepkorn from the LCMS was supportive of the eucharistic prayer with the epiclesis but had numerous suggestions about the structure of the rite.
In addition, the new relationship allows elogos to incorporate OutStart LCMS in new products the company brings to market.
LCMS includes the detailed document templates outlined by the ISO 26262 standard and walks the LCMS customer through the required activities needed to gain approval for each stage of development.
Xyleme LCMS gives customers a simple and intuitive authoring environment through tools such as drag-and-drop document creation and a WYSIWYG editing mode, providing the full power of XML with none of the complexity.
The LCA and the ALC brought the Service Book and Hymnal (SBH, 1958), at the time of the formation of the ILCW in use for only a few years; the LCMS brought The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH, 1941) and, a few years later, Worship Supplement (WS, 1969), the fruit of the work it had already done on its unilateral revision of TLH.