LCOMLogistics Composite Model
LCOMLack of Cohesion of Methods (metric for object-oriented software development)
LCOMLinear Cohesion Measure
LCOMLance Corporal of Marines
LCOMLieutenant Colonel of Marines
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Figure 3 presents the transformation function for all four metrics (DIT, CBO, LCOM and MI).
The DIT, NOC, CBO and LCOM metrics were collected on the class level.
Table 1: Size Related Metrics Class Level Method Level number of methods number of parameters number of properties number of local variables number of constructors number of exception blocks number of nested classes max stack size number of data fields number of instructions number of events number of all operators in the method number of attributes number of distinct operators the number of all number of operands instructions Table 2: The Values for Selected Code Quality Metrics DIT CBO LCOM MI GROUP 1 Project 1.
Since LCOM fails to model this, manning requirements may be understated.
LCOM results were also compared to F-15E operations at Luke AFB, Arizona, for a 56-day period with the results presented in Table 2.
LCOM has been selected by numerous system program offices (SPO)--including but not limited to the B-2, F-22, joint strike fighter (JSF), and C-17 SPOs--for use in determining supportability requirements.
LCOM, a simulation model, with stochastic inputs from several sources, drove demand for SGNSC and determined capacity and utilization.
LCOM repair times were modeled using a lognormal distribution with a standard deviation of 29 percent of the mean.
To model travel times, a delivery delay was incorporated into the LCOM model.
The LCOM model accurately reflected this situation.
LCOM limitations necessitated including travel time in the utilization rate.
Using an LCOM surge template, the model was shifted into a fly-when-ready mode.