LCPKLow Cost Precision Kill
LCPKLowest Cost per Kilometer (Bandag, Inc.)
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All of these activities demonstrated the need for a lightweight LCPK (Low-Cost Precision Kill) weapon that would allow a single helicopter to deal with multiple targets, such as dismounts (personnel), air defences, lightly armoured vehicles and small watercraft, all while maintaining a suitable standoff distance.
The LCPK program, which is a major science and technology missile development effort, is an excellent example of government laboratory and industry teaming to mature key technologies in support of a critical Army requirement, said Bill Nourse, LCPK Advanced Technology Development (ATD) program manager at the Army's Missile Research and Development Engineering Center.
Both BAE Systems and Raytheon have conducted guided rocket firings under the LCPK (Low-Cost Precision Kill) programme.