LCRDLake Chelan Reclamation District (Manson, WA)
LCRDLeast Cost Routing Device
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LCRD is funded through a partnership with SCaN and NASA's Office of the Chief Technologist.
After engineering the system with LCRD, we added three MCI lines on the front end of the Band 5 WATS group.
The LCRD programs are currently available in MS-DOS and PC-DOS, and are now used by Hewlett Packard on its HP-150.
Prior to using LCRD, HP used to re-evaluate its telecommunications network each month.
So we'd actually have to have a consultant in here the whole year to get the benefits of the LCRD software.
Sponsored by NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate and Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, LCRD is a technology demonstration that combines commercial and government developments.
As the optical modules and ground stations for LCRD are being developed, SSL is working with its commercial customers to identify an appropriate host satellite for the demonstration.
SSL's performance on the LCRD payload accommodation has met all of our accommodation criteria and exceeded all of our expectations," said Mike Weiss, LCRD Project Manager at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
LCRD has received orders for nearly three million cards to date under its Anteon subcontract.