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LCVLeague of Conservation Voters
LCVLight Commercial Vehicle
LCVLonger Combination Vehicles
LCVLarge Cap Value (finance)
LCVLeukocytoclastic Vasculitis (acute pustular psoriasis)
LCVLine Coding Violation (error event)
LCVLow Calorific Value
LCVLaboratoire Central Vétérinaire
LCVLymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus
LCVLife Cycle Value
LCVLevel Control Valve
LCVLanding Craft, Vehicle
LCVLoop Control Variable (programming)
LCVLothians Conservation Volunteers (Scotland, UK)
LCVLight Contingency Vehicle
LCVLight Combat Vehicle
LCVLoopback Command, Video Loop Request
LCVLipid Coated Virus
LCVLen Cable Vehicle
LCVLos Caballeros Vengadores (Spanish: Knights Avengers; gaming)
LCVLaboratory for Computational Vision (New York University)
LCVLiving Cities of Vvardenfell (gaming; Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)
LCVLa Crosse encephalitis virus
LCVLow Consumption Vehicle (automotive)
LCVLaos Cambodian Vietnamese (gang)
LCVLiga Colombiana de Videojuegos (Spanish: Colombian Videogaming League; Colombia)
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With added impetus from environmental regulations, it is only a matter of time before electrically actuated power steering becomes a standard feature in LCVs and MCVs.
He also added that the new LCV vehicles will be part of the company's "de-risking business".
Especially the pick-up truck segment, the core product of Isuzu's LCV, has expanded at a high speed to a market with annual sales of 200,000 units.
Meanwhile, as one of LCV's "Dirty Dozen," Heather Wilson has just a 15 percent LCV lifetime score as a member of the House.
LCVs are an essential part of any thriving economy and as we see the region steadily emerging from the economic down-turn we expect LCV demand to climb too.
The conclusions of several past studies related to the road safety issues of LCV vary from slightly positive (Backman and Nordstrom 2002) to slightly negative (Rasanen et al.
LCV Business Unit Mobile: +34-628-900-255, Desk: +34-93-290-7923; Gilles Gautherot, Corporate Communications P: +33-1-30-13-67-67, Email: ggautherot@nissan-europe.
Modeled after LCV's trademark federal "Dirty Dozen," the state version highlights 12 of the most anti-environment state-level candidates from around the country who state LCVs are working to defeat.
We are very pleased to be able to meet our commitments a year ahead of schedule," said Andy Palmer, corporate vice president and head of Nissan's LCV Business Unit.
Those who score high with the Christian Coalition almost invariably score low with LCV.
KITCHENER, ON -- October 6, 2010 marked the dispatch of Transfreight's first Long Combination Vehicle, or LCV as they are known in the transportation industry.