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LD50Lethal Dose 50 (median concentration of a toxicant that will kill 50% of the test animals within a designated period)
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Table-2 displays the LD50 values for anti- leishmanial activities of the crude methanol extract and its derived fraction of F.
Probit-mortality curves were drawn on log probit graph paper to find out the LD50.
The salinity that killed 50% of the embryos in each group - the LD50 ([+ or -]95% CI) - was calculated with logistic regression (Venables and Ripley, 1994) after removal of the two outliers and the 3[per thousand] groups.
One-third of LC50 (for water-borne) and LD50 (for diet-borne) of cobalt as 38.
Adult mice (n=20) were injected intramuscularly with normal saline (n/s) or LD50 of crude venom (1.
For example, the chapter devoted to classification is rather encyclopedic; it will be difficult for a student to digest and retain the information on target insects and LD50 values for the hundreds of products mentioned, let alone the chemical structures.
In order to test the hypothesis and compare catecholamine and lactic acid concentrations and duration of exercise in the control group, the traininggroup, training with 25% LD50, training with 50% LD50, training with 75% LD50 And full-dose groups.
The animals of the first group were injected this preparation in single dose 116 mg/kg (3/4 LD50 ); the animals were killed in 1,2,7 and 15 days after pesticide administration.