LDEOLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University)
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One indication of this evolution was the 25th workshop (2000), cosponsored by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) at the LDEO campus of Columbia University, with its strong focus on the societal impacts of climate variability.
Modelos de mais alta resolucao foram incorporados a partir dos projetos LDEO Ridge Multibeam Synthesis Project e NGDC Coastal Relief Model.
Laurent) Slocum glider Microstructure IIS (Sengupta) Microprofiler Microstructure ND (Lozovatsky) VMP Microstructure OSU (Mourn, Shroyer, Chi pods Microstructure Nash) NARA (Jinadasa), ND VMP Microstructure (Lozovatsky) UW (D'Asaro) Lagrangian floats Mixed layer T, S, P WHOI (Mahadevan) Fluorometer, AOP, IOP, FRRF hyperspectral radiometer IIS (Sengupta), Fluorometer, AOP, IOP, FRRF INCOIS (Ravichandran), hyperspectral, NIOT (Venkatesan) radiometer SAC (Sharma, Agarwal) Satellite SST, SSH, SSS, color NRL (Wijesekera) Subsurface moorings T, S, P, currents WHOI (Weller, Farrar) Surface mooring T, S, P, currents LDEO (Gordon) Hydrographic data T, S, P, currents Table 2.