LEDETLaw Enforcement Detachment (USCG)
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The 151 staff was about 40 people strong, the LEDET had roughly 10 people, and the ERSS team added another 15 to the mix.
Our combined team of ship's crew, (LCS Surface Warfare) Mission Package, aviation detachment and Coast Guard LEDET showed great teamwork and resolve," said Cmdr.
The Office of the Premier, CoGHSTA and LEDET will develop an integrated infrastructure service delivery programme that will be implemented with regards to prioritised Growth Points.
During the 2-day rescue operation, LEDET personnel discovered that the vessel and 5 Ecuadorian nationals aboard had been struck by heavy weather, disorienting the crew and setting the small vessel 100 nautical miles off-course.
Simultaneously, the LEDET worked with Iraqi marines to review VBSS techniques, inspections and security sweeps.
Coast Guard LEDET boarding personnel, Halyburton brought an air detachment from Helicopter Anti-Submarine Light (HSL) 48, Det.
The LEDETs perform the actual boarding of suspect vessels and, if needed, arrest their crews.
This includes the airborne use of force (AUF) capability on Royal Navy and auxiliary vessels attempting to stop noncompliant drug smuggling go-fast vessels, as well as expanding the authorization to carry LEDETs in waters beyond the Caribbean and Bermuda areas of operations subject to the consent of both parties.
In 2001, the USG presented text of a proposed LEDET MOU to the GON.
Because the Coast Guard is not part of the Defense Department and has law-enforcement responsibilities, LEDETs, at they are called, have full arrest powers.
LEDETs are Coast Guard personnel stationed aboard Navy ships to conduct searches, seizures and arrests primarily involving the smuggling of drugs and illegal aliens into the United States.
Coast Guard embarks LEDETS on RNLN surface assets to expand interdiction opportunities and enhance law enforcement presence.