LEDGFLens Epithelium-Derived Growth Factor (cancer cell survival factor)
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2008) Menin critically links MLL proteins with LEDGF on cancer-associated target genes.
LEDGF contains a putatively chromatin-binding N-terminal fragment, as well as an Integrase Binding Domain (IBD) that is mapped to the C-terminal end (residues 347-429) [40,68].
The function of LEDGF for IN has been corroborated by analysis of integration sites in human cells depleted for LEDGF/p75 and in embryonic fibroblasts derived from LEDGF/p75 KO mice, both demonstrating a role for LEDGF/p75 during target site selection [44,65,70].
LEDGF appears to be important during embryonic development, since the majority of homozygous LEDGF KO mice die perinatally and survivors display a range of abnormal phenotypes, compatible with defects in homeodomain proteins [84].
LEDGF binds to heat shock and stress-related element to activate the expression of stress-related genes.