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LEMURLeague of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
LEMURLimbed Excursion Mechanical Utility Robot (US NASA)
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As for gadgets, aside from good cameras, a good pair of binoculars would help you appreciate the lemurs more as they are often times on top of the trees.
These ring-tailed lemurs are Strepsirrhines, a sub-order of primates who share a common ancestor with humans.
Currently Richard has more than 50 animal collections from around the world signed up to the studbook, with 204 individual black lemurs.
PICTURES of baby ring-tailed lemurs born at Bristol Zoo after their twin mothers gave birth within hours of each other have been released.
Unlike the tree-hibernators, the upland lemurs take periodic breaks from hibernating to sleep, Klopfer, the Lemur Center's Marina Blanco and colleagues report in the August Royal Society Open Science.
Bushveld Minerals CEO, Fortune Mojapelo, said, "We welcome the Settlement, which confirms Lemur Resources' ownership of mining permit No.
Accordingly, the company provides a strategy update in respect of its plans and rationale for the integration of Lemur into the Bushveld Group.
VISITORS to Edinburgh Zoo can now get up close and personal with the lemurs - but they better keep a tight hold of their belongings.
NAI opened the Lemur center up to new methods, training, and development opportunities to advance our interpreters in their field while creating a better experience for visitors.
As a result, more than 90 percent of lemur species are now endangered.
The owl monkeys that changed her life's direction in High Moon over the Amazon: My Quest to Understand the Monkeys of the Night have been succeeded by leaping lemurs of all stripes.
Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire, which runs a lemur breeding programme, is delighted the film is giving the primates' plight a push.