LEMVLong Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (US DoD)
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The LEMV isn't the only airship to have been grounded in recent years; it's the third airship project to have been cancelled as the U.
In theater, the LEMV will provide persistence surveillance with a variety of electro-optical, radar, and SIGINT [Signals Intelligent] sensors, as well as a communications package that could serve as a radio relay for ground forces.
The attenuation in the case of piezocomposite with CFRP (5-layer Model) as the middle core is more when compared to CFRP (3 layer model) piezocomposite with LEMV (when N=0.
1 : Different value of complex frequencies for real wave numbers in the first axial mode of piezocomposite solid cylinder Wave no Frequencies With middle core With middle core ([epsilon]) With middle core CFRP CFRP-5Layer LEMV (N=0.
Artisan 3D (Europe) CAEW (Israel) CEAMOUNT (Australia) E-CAPTOR (Europe) EQ-36 (USA) Kronos 3D (LND and NV - Europe) LEMV (USA - relatively very large arrays).
LEMV (Northrop Grumman - long endurance multi-purpose vehicle) represents a dramatic development in terms of AESA size.
These characteristics enable AAI ground control stations to be deployed successfully in countless configurations -- including the hybrid fixed and mobile work station combination we will provide for the LEMV program -- and for various unmanned aircraft, ground vehicles and surface vessels.
According to Northrop Grumman, the contracted LEMV system is scheduled for delivery within an 18-month period, after which it will be deployed for operational evaluation.
Envisioned as a 76-metre hybrid, the LEMV prototype is required to carry an 1135-kg/16-kW payload to a height of 20,000 ft and remain there for three weeks.
At the end of January 2010 the US Army's Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) was scheduled to request proposals for an LEMV prototype that will fly within 18 months of contract signature under a five-year technology demonstration programme.