LEPOLow Exercise Price Option
LEPOLegislative Environmental Policy Office (Montana)
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4 mg/dL, and the test control groups (III, IV and V) treated with PO, LEPO (100 mg/kg) and LEPO (200 mg/kg) serum glucose level were showed the 105 [+ or -] 2.
Groups III, IV, and V which were treated with marketed preparation of PO (Kewda water), LEPO 100, and 200 mg.
Pretreatment with WS and LEPO significantly (P < 0.
The LEPO at two doses (100 and 200 mg/kg) and PO (Kewada water) at dose (1mL) showed significant (P < 0.
A LEPO is similar to a standard exchange-traded call option, in that it gives the taker the right to purchase 1,000 shares in a company at a predetermined exercise price and imposes an obligation upon the writer of the LEPO to sell those shares at the exercise price if the option is exercised.
The primary difference between a LEPO and a standard exchange-traded call option is that a LEPO has a nominal exercise price.
Another important difference between LEPOs and standard exchange-traded options is that the taker of the LEPO is not obliged to pay for the option in full; rather, they are only required to deposit an initial margin with the exchange.
That is, the value of a LEPO is equal to the spot price, plus any costs of borrowing, less the accumulated value of dividends and less the exercise price.
Infecta and imbuta, like fucata, give an inkling that this imitative lepos is unwholesome,(15) and it may be that the crude assonances (colore .
He can admire, although he cannot worship, this imperishable changefulness, and, while he knows that nothing lasts for ever, he can endeavour to impart the cosmic lepos to his verses; whatever the fate of these may be, the lepos is coeval with the universe, in nature the stamp of beauty and in poetry the signature of truth.