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LESLower East Side (Manhattan)
LESLarge Eddy Simulation
LESLeave and Earnings Statement
LESLicensing Executives Society (USA & Canada)
LESLower Esophageal Sphincter
LESLaser Eye Surgery
LESLupus Eritematoso Sistemico (Italian)
LESLaw Enforcement Sources
LESLiving Earth Simulator (research project)
LESLAN Emulation Server (ATMF)
LESLake Effect Snow
LESLine Errored Seconds
LESLand Earth Station (INMARSAT)
LESLogistics Execution System
LESLaunch Escape System
LESLocally Engaged Staff
LESLaw Enforcement Sensitive (security classification)
LESLinear Expenditure System
LESLocally Employed Staff
LESLambert-Eaton Syndrome
LESLeading Edge Services
LESLuxembourg Employment Study
LESLincoln Experimental Satellite
LESLoop Emulation Service
LESLAN Extension Service
LESLocally-Enhanced Sampling
LESLakeshore Engineering Services (Detroit, MI)
LESLearning and Evaluation Situation (psychology)
LESWaste Management Laboratory
LESLow Energy System
LESLaidlaw Environmental Services, Inc
LESLocal Education Service
LESLocal Engineering Specification
LESLaunch Environment Simulator
LESLife Enhancement Skills (UK FE students)
LESLocal Excitatory State
LESLaser Evaluator System
LESLaboratorio de Energie Solar
LESLaunch Effort Simulator
LESLaunch Enable System (Titan II)
LESLaw Enforcement Squadron
LESLarge Extension Switch
LESLawrence Experimental Station
LESLoral Electronics Systems
LESLaunch Enable Switch (US Navy)
LESLoop Expert Systems (Loop Expert Technologies)
LESLoaded Equipment Section
LESLocal Exported Schema
LESLaser and Enterprise Business Solutions (Hewlett-Packard)
LESLiquid Effluent Services (Office of Scientific and Technical Information; US Department of Energy)
LESLutheran Elementary School (various locations)
LESLower Eastern Shore (region)
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It was at length arranged that we should live together during my stay in the city; and as my worldly circumstances were somewhat less embarrassed than his own, I was permitted to be at the expense of renting, and furnishing in a style which suited the rather fantastic gloom of our common temper, a time-eaten and grotesque mansion, long deserted through superstitions into which we did not inquire, and tottering to its fall in a retired and desolate portion of the Faubourg St.
Valentin rendered the same service to young Madame de Bellegarde, who had apparently been reflecting on the fact that the ball dress of her sister-in-law was much less brilliant than her own, and yet had failed to derive absolute comfort from the reflection.
As we find cycle within cycle without end, -- yet all revolving around one far-distant centre which is the God-head, may we not analogically suppose in the same manner, life within life, the less within the greater, and all within the Spirit Divine?
The passionate excitement of Love and the buoyancy of spirit attendant upon intoxication are its less holy pleasures - the price of which, to those souls who make choice of "Al Aaraaf" as their residence after life, is final death and annihilation.
They live only in the Boulevard Haussman, which is less picturesque; but in spite of this they have a great deal of the Balzac tone.
Sulivan informs me that they vary much less in the genera form of their bodies and in the shape of their horns tha English cattle.
She was not alone; all around was that luxurious setting of idleness that she was used to, and she felt less wretched than at home.