LESCOLahore Electric Supply Company (Pakistan)
LESCOLogistics & Environmental Support Services Corporation (Huntsville, Alabama)
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1 Speaking on the occasion, Tariq Wahid lauded the meritorious services of the retiring employees, adding that their efforts had not only helped improve image of the company but also strengthened relation between LESCO and its consumers.
The LESCO Chief spoke at length and threw light on the issues being faced by LESCO.
The removal and arrest of both former officers of LESCO was executed under instruction of ministry's secretary Nargis Sethi.
Deere and LESCO had announced a definitive merger agreement in February.
The golf course turf care industry is a very competitive industry, made more competitive by the fact that all the companies sell similar products," says Bob West, director of marketing, LESCO.
He also revealed that last year, the LESCO was shown to achieve a fake profit of Rs 4.
With the USAID assistance of Rs 150 million, the LESCO got its 10-member line staff group comprising linemen, Assistant Manager and Line Superintendent, trained for repairing 132-KV live transmission lines, he said and added that this special line staff group would replace old disc insulators with 'fog disc insulators'.
Unscheduled load-shedding, however, is the result of a lack of real-time energy consumption data and can be reduced by improved monitoring systems, such as the USAID project inaugurated at LESCO.
A LESCO spokesman has requested electricity consumers to report power pilferage on the toll-free number 0800-84338.
LESCO serves customers worldwide, through more than 345 LESCO Service Center(R) locations, 114 LESCO Stores-on-Wheels(R) vehicles, and other direct sales efforts.
The trained LESCO line staff has also gave a demonstration of repairing the high-voltage live transmission lines in Subza Zar area of the city.
A LESCO official, on the condition of anonymity, told Daily Times that on Monday, the power shortfall was 830 MW, as LESCO could provide only 2270 MW power to consumers in Lahore, Kasur, Sheikhupura and Okara, against a demand of 3100 MW.