LESLLaw Enforcement Standards Laboratory
LESLLake Erie Soccer League (Ohio)
LESLLietuvos Elektroninio Sporto Lygos (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Electronic Sports League)
LESLLegend Expert Systems Limited
LESLLower Esophageal Sphincter Length (gastroesophageal reflux)
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In the SR" 1500 viscosimetry tests a consistent decrease in viscosity was observed in early stages of the lesls up to the moment where a fast gelation occurred.
It is observable lhal the cure progress (conversion) achieved in the viscosimetry lesls of SR"1500 is very low for all temperatures.
1/2]) MTHPA Methyl tetrahydrophtalic anhydride p Confidence interval threshold for the Tukey test p Maximum load in the fracture lesls (kN) PVC Poly(vinyl chloride) R Universal gas constant [=8314 I kPa/(K mol)] SEN Single edge notch SPM Scanning probe microscopy [T.