LESLLaw Enforcement Standards Laboratory
LESLLake Erie Soccer League (Ohio)
LESLLietuvos Elektroninio Sporto Lygos (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Electronic Sports League)
LESLLegend Expert Systems Limited
LESLLower Esophageal Sphincter Length (gastroesophageal reflux)
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It has been inspirational to watch the development of these awards since their inception and LESL is delighted and honoured to be involved again as the lead sponsor with our partners in North and South Lanarkshire Councils for this landmark event.
It is observable lhal the cure progress (conversion) achieved in the viscosimetry lesls of SR"1500 is very low for all temperatures.
1/2]) MTHPA Methyl tetrahydrophtalic anhydride p Confidence interval threshold for the Tukey test p Maximum load in the fracture lesls (kN) PVC Poly(vinyl chloride) R Universal gas constant [=8314 I kPa/(K mol)] SEN Single edge notch SPM Scanning probe microscopy [T.