LETCLabor Employment and Training Corporation (United Auto Workers)
LETCLaramie Energy Technology Center
LETCLaw Enforcement Training Consultants (Philadelphia, PA)
LETCLibrary Education and Training Committee (Princeton University Library)
LETCLiterature Evangelism Training Center
LETCLaw Enforcement Technical Collection (US DHS)
LETCLogistics Education & Training Centre (Vilnius, Lithuania)
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The facilities at the LETC consist of an administration building and an adjacent three-story facility that contains a 30-room (single occupancy) dormitory and two large state-of-the-art classrooms.
Since its inception, the LETC has moved forward in concept, design, and duration.
Currently, the LETC stands as a national leader and sole-source provider in the federal system for law enforcement training in a healthcare environment and other federal special mission or limited jurisdiction settings.
The unique, service-oriented law enforcement training provided by the LETC also proves consistent with the training needs of many other special mission or limited jurisdiction federal police agencies.
Firearms training is a recent addition to the LETC annual course schedule.