LETNLaw Enforcement Training Network
LETNLaw Enforcement Television Network
LETNLeading Edge Technologies and Network Solutions (UK)
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LETN Solutions has provided Managed Support, Professional Services and Hosting Services since 2005.
Combining curriculum-based training with technology, LETN developed the Specialized Training Testing and Recordkeeping System (STTAR).
The subject of this public contract is the reconstruction - the exchange of traction substation technologies, in particular the bory substation and the letn substation, including the forced construction modifications of the substations.
Companies interested in saving money whilst empowering their business should contact LETN Solutions before December 31st 2012.
2 Monthly subscription cost to LETN is based on agency size: 10 officers or less, $288; 11 to 30 officers, $388; 31 to 100 officers, $488: 100 officers or more, $588.
Contractor address : Ico: 35873612 Letn 5 , 83103 Bratislava Slovensko
LETN is currently being utilized daily by approximately 175,000 Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement personnel and is available via satellite broadcast, web, and other delivery options.
Address : Sttn plavebn sprva reditelstv, Jankovcova 4, 170 04 Praha 7 Holeovice, Sttn plavebn sprva pobocka Praha, Jankovcova 4, 170 04 Praha 7 Holeovice, Sttn plavebn sprva pobocka Decn, Husitsk 1403/8, 405 02 Decn VI Letn, Sttn pl
Officer Down, Part 2: Ray Wolfenbarger, also an LETN video production, is a 2004 Finalist, the second prize of the Aegis Awards.
Tenders Are Invited for Development of design documentation for the project "language laboratory for teaching foreign languages, Gymnasium, Mimon, Letn 263, allowance organization.