LETPPLaw Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program
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108-334), Congress directed DHS to allocate FY2005 funding for SHSGP, LETPP, EMPG, and CCP in the same manner as the FY2004 allocations.
States and localities are authorized to use up to 25% of their LETPP allocation to support operational overtime costs incurred during an HSAS "high-orange" threat level that is associated with critical infrastructure security.
States and localities are authorized to use LETPP funding to provide enhanced law enforcement operations for increased border security during an HSAS "high-orange" threat level.
LETPP and UASI authorize a portion of state and locality funding to be used for overtime costs during HSAS "elevated-yellow" and "high-orange" threat levels.
In addition to EMPG providing funding for personnel, and the LETPP and UASI overtime cost funding, there are other options for providing assistance to states and localities with a homeland security personnel need.
If Congress chose not to authorize the use of SHSGP funding for overtime costs, it could direct ODP to increase the percentage of LETPP and UASI funding it authorizes states and localities to use for overtime costs.