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LFKLandesanstalt Für Kommunikation (German: State Institute of Communications)
LFKLenkflugkoerpersysteme GmbH (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company)
LFKLuftforsvarets Forsyningskommando
LFKLivermore Fortran Kernels (computer performance test)
LFKLight French Kissing
LFKLittle Fat Kid
LFKLes French Killers (gaming clan)
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Founded in 2001 and now having around 70 personnel, LFK is one of the region's leading independent multi-discipline accounting, tax and law practices.
In collaboration with partners outside NOAA, including academic and non-profit entities, existing marine fisheries oral history collections throughout the Northeast and other parts of the country are being identified for eventual upload or linkage to the redeveloped oral history database first developed for the LFK Project, now called the Voices from the Fisheries Database.
The technical stuff, the 10100 LFK is a Red Class, meaning it's designed to be sturdy, and affordable, but still high-quality Benchmade.
The LFK 1700 and Twocan 1001 are good examples of the different variety you can get.
The other shareholders are Alenia Marconi, of Italy, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space (EADS) and LFK, of Germany.
Looking to the future, EADS Deutschland is reported as being extremely keen to see German contractor LFK merge its missile business into the new entity.
Other Meteor partners are Alenia, Spain's Casa, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace unit LFK and Sweden's Saab.
The innerspring is a 648 LFK unit that is foam-encased with head-to-toe helicals and a contoured steel perimeter.
General LFK Baltachevo-Shtandy 2 Section 2: TK-LFK Baltachevo Shtandy 3 Section 3 of the Civil Code Project LFK Baltachevo-Shtandy Date and time of placing the notice (local time, an organization engaged in publishing) 11.
Black LFK Brown LFR Suede LFS Black BMK Brown BMR PANAMA hAts FOR Men And WOMEN SAVE Just PS39 plus p&p PS41was PS80 Stay cool and protected from the sun in this stylish, genuine Panama hat, expertly woven in Ecuador by specialist craftsmen.
or -] SD) 59,58 [+ or -] 7,74 62,07 [+ or -] 5,83 Cinsiyet (erkek/kadin) 25/25 16/14 Goz (sag/sol) 23/27 15/15 DRP (NP/P) 38/12 23/7 PRP (var/yok) 20/30 14/16 Grid LFK (var/yok) 24/26 13/17 Lens (fakik/psodofakik) 38/12 21/9 Gruplar SRD Yas (ort.
While Meads International, made up of Lockheed Martin of the United States, MBDA Italy and LFK Germany (now part of MBDA), is moving towards the last of the two flight tests that survived the cuts (originally seven of them were planned), the situation regarding American funding looks uncertain following the decision to slash the money planned in FY13.