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LFMLast.fm (music community website)
LFMLooking for More
LFMLandesanstalt für Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany)
LFMLeaders for Manufacturing (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
LFMLinear Feet per Minute
LFMLateral Force Microscopy
LFMLa Familia Michoacana (Mexican drug cartel)
LFMLinear Frequency Modulation
LFMLooking for Member
LFMLooking For Men (gaming)
LFMLogical Frameworks and Meta-Languages (International Workshop)
LFMLight Field Mapping (Intel)
LFMLangley Formal Methods (NASA)
LFMLaufender Meter (German: Current Meter)
LFMLiquid Flow Meter (Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co.; Germany)
LFMLaboratório Farmacêutico da Marinha (Brasil)
LFMLycée Franco-Mexicain (Mexico)
LFMLycée Français de Madrid (French: French School in Madrid)
LFMLanding Force Manual
LFMLa Française de Maintenance (Vélizy, France)
LFMLongmont Farmers Market (Longmont, Colorado)
LFMLow Frequency Module
LFMLast Friday of the Month
LFMLinearized Fine Model
LFMLocal Fault Manager
LFMLost and Found Ministries
LFMLibrary File Maintenance
LFMLight Form Modeler (laser scanner)
LFMLiquid Factor Molten
LFMLink Fault Management (operation and maintenance standard)
LFMLiquid Fuel Maintenance
LFMLoose Fruit Museum (band)
LFMLeft-Arm Fast Medium (cricket)
LFMLife Frequency Modulation (radio station)
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Nearing her one year in illegal detention based solely on trumped-up charges and perjured testimonies from convicted drug lords, let us remember day by day how [Senator De Lima] faced her enemies without fear and petty alibis," the LFM said.
In the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 crop years, the traits related to the fresh mass (RFM, SFM, LFM, FMOS, and TFM) had standard deviations that varied between 41.
Thus is the story of LFM intertwined with the story of baking in the Philippines.
This follows the company's announcement on 14 July of the settlement of certain regulatory requirements necessary to close the LFM acquisition.
Read more about Vertuga in the May issue of LFM, which covers everything from how she stays in shape, to her childhood talent shows, to her love of pit bulls.
However, all these processing methods can be generally divided into two major research directions, namely: a) design and synthesis of pseudo-NLFM (piecewise) waveforms which are in fact, signals with LFM predistortioned on short intervals into temporal domain or corrected into spectral domain [10,11]; b) design and synthesis of proper (i.
The SAR signals with NBI, LFM WBI and DVB-T WBI before and after interference suppression are depicted in Figures 3-5.
In order to facilitate the description of the principle, we assume that the received signal just contains a single LFM.
Set up as a partnership firm in 1965, LFM manufactures wheat flour.
En la Figura 1 se muestra las diferencias fenotipicas entre los individuos LFS y LFM.
LFM 48 N is a no-clean, Pb-free alternative to gel pastes traditionally used in BGA PoP stacked device applications.
The VMS-160 series of high density, medically approved open frame switching power supplies outputs 160 W with 200 LFM forced air cooling or 100 W under convection-cooled conditions.