LFUCGLexington Fayette Urban County Government (Kentucky)
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LFUCG owns and operates a sanitary sewer system, which includes two major wastewater treatment plants, serving a population of almost 250,000.
The major features of the consent decree relating to the sanitary sewer system will require LFUCG to identify and quantify recurring discharges of untreated sewage and their causes; evaluate the capacity, design and condition of the components of its sanitary sewer system including pumping stations and treatment plants; develop and implement remedial measures to eliminate recurring SSOs within 11 to 13 years; and improve its management, operation and maintenance programs to prevent future overflows and respond to overflows when they occur.
All revenues from the park and golf course operations have previously been collected by and for the LFUCG, and that will continue to be the case.
Although Kentucky American Water will no longer own the property, our support for Jacobson Park and our partnership with the LFUCG Division of Parks and Recreation will continue.
LFUCG believes its needs can be met by an existing, off the shelf, billing