LG2Linkage Group 2
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QTL1 and QTL 2 were reported for involvement in Ascochyta resistance showing 50 and 45% of blight variation within two successive years while their association with genomic regions on LG1, LG2, LG3 and LG4 is also conferred (Santra et al.
4###TS45, TA146 and TA130###LG1, LG2 and LG3###Flandez-Galvez et al.
More detailed, there are three mutations located in the LG2 domain as well as our report.
13) Before the inauguration of LG2, a 10-month countdown was
The ASAP marker CS27 which has been mapped on LG2 of both intraspecific and interspecific chickpea maps was selected (Winter et al.
Linkage groups LG1, LG2, LG3, LG4, LG5, LG6 and LG7 were assigned to chromosome 25, 23, 12, 11, 3, 6 and 13 respectively (Table 3).
The three markers in LG2 appeared to associate consistently with greenhouse ratings.
These QTL were specific to the cross including the susceptible donor parent of resistance alleles, except those located on LG2 and LG8 which were revealed in the two crosses.
TIS THE SEASON TO BE SACKEDManagerial departures this season by month (contract season runs July 1-June 30) Jul - 2 Kevin McDonald, Gus Poyet Aug - 0 Sep - 3 Greg Abbott, Paolo di Canio, Nigel Clough Oct - 6 David Weir, Martin Allen, Kevin Blackwell, Tony Mowbray, Ian Holloway, Chris Kiwomya Nov - 5 Brian Laws, Guy Whittingham, Richie Barker, Sean O'Driscoll, David Flitcroft Dec - 10 Dave Jones, Martin Jol, Owen Coyle, Uwe Rosler, Steve Clarke, Gianfranco Zola, AVB, Aidy Boothroyd, Steve Lomas, Malky Mackay PREM - 6; CHAMP - 8; LG1 - 8; LG2 - 4; TOTAL - 26
N 5002/ZF L LG1 34 LG2 33 LG3 30 S EG1 32 EG2 31 EG3 39 HA/ZL L LG8 33 LG9 30 LG10 40 S EG8 33 EG9 30 EG10 33 5002/ZL L LG4 33 LG5 40 LG6 42 LG7 36 S EG4 33 EG5 28 EG6 35 EG7 33 Cross Mean Variance Type mean 5002/ZF 25.
London Underground is built to 3 infrastructure gauges LG1, LG2 and LG3.