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LGBTLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
LGBTLesbiennes Gais Bi Trans (French: Lesbians, Gays, Bi, Trans)
LGBTLesbiene Gay Bisexuali Transsexuali (Italian: Lesbien, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual)
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I'm very grateful to have been a member of the teams that have led American Apparel's LGBT inclusion efforts for the past 10 years", said Jon Henry Szymanski, Director of Co-Branding and Philanthropy at American Apparel.
The Coalition implores the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to move forward with the positive impact by the scoring for Dallas, TX - this is huge progress for the aging LGBT residents of Dallas.
CONCLUSION Findings will help inform the design of faculty development programs and guide in aligning the curricula with current LGBT health priorities.
Since the implementation of the Adoption and Children Act change in law, 1,313 children have been adopted by LGBT couples in England, Wales and Scotland and the number of children adopted by same sex couples more than tripled from 90 in 2007 to 370 in 2014.
MSAs like Austin and New Orleans in the South, and Denver in the Rocky Mountain region, all have reputations as socially progressive cities within states and regions that are much more conservative, perhaps making them regional hubs for the LGBT population.
Inaugural OutSMART Talks will spotlight cutting-edge insights on LGBT market drivers and global equality metrics
Erik and Claire decided that the most effective way to raise that awareness was to form a new ASPA LGBT Section.
A representative of the Association for Gay and Lesbian Families gave a tour of exhibitors, including a foundation that assists LGBT citizens as they age.
Health centers geared toward LGBT health, such as Howard Brown, are scattered throughout the nation.
I work every day with LGBT folks across the country who are struggling to make ends meet because there are no federal workplace protections.
We think voices of citizens of Kyrgyzstan should be heard in Parliament," LGBT said in their statement.
The Welsh Pride Exhibition, organised by Cardiff-Wales LGBT Mardi Gras, will feature Welsh individuals and organisations in Wales who have contributed to the history of LGBT people in the UK.