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LGBTIQLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning
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From the raw beauty of Nicholas Wong's "Suicide Mission," telling readers of the ways in which "language / [is] second-hand in outlining the loan of pain," to Nina Pick's likening of a poetic meter to that of a human heartbeat in "School of Embodied Poetics," these poetic works serve as a beacon, a lighthouse of sorts, not just for the LGBTIQ community but for anyone who has ever been seen as "other.
19) Moreover, participation should involve and give spaces for all types of youth, including youth living in rural area, youth with HIV, youth with disabilities, LGBTIQ youth and many more.
The solidarity, networking and sharing at the World Social Forum has strengthened the African LGBTIQ movement and brought it into partnership with many other social movements in our common struggle for a better world for all.
Office of the Labris LGBTIQ Organization in Bishkek was attacked on April 3 by unknown individuals who threw three bottles with Molotov cocktails at the building.
Representatives of the organization noticed that the number of threats and attacks against LGBTIQ communities and their defenders has increased with the announcement of a "homophobic bill" introducing criminal and administrative responsibility for formation of positive attitude toward non-traditional forms of sexual relations.
The genesis of the resource was a small survey of union officials in 2009 which highlighted a lack of understanding and knowledge of LGBTIQ identity and issues.
I personally prefer to think that LGBTIQ people bring more to the human table than how we are "just as good as" heterosexuals.
In Ellen Greenblatt's book, Serving LGBTIQ Library And Archives Users: Essays on Outreach, Service, Collections and Access, which comes out this fall, one cannot help but feel fueled by the depths of information each contributor provides and through the passion in which it was written.
With a range of titles such as, Censorship of Children's and Young Adult Books in School and Public Libraries, Libraries and the Transgender Community, and LGBTIQ Librarians and Workplace Issues, the book succeeds in reaching a diverse population of library patrons and certainly lives up to its name.
The fact remains that contemporary society is morally conservative overall, primarily homophobic, and heterosexism often appears to permeate school communities, permitting them to remain a zone of great vulnerability for the larger LGBTIQ movement (Blount, 2005; Campos, 2003; Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network [GLSEN], 2005; GLSEN, 2006).
Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion, Ian Hunter said the Council will lead the development of the LGBTIQ Inclusion Strategy, and provide a voice for members of that community.
Changing the Landscape: Advocating LGBTIQ Rights Within the Islamic Framework