LIBDLaser-Induced Breakdown Detection
LIBDLaser-Induzierte Breakdown Detektion (German: Laser-Induced Breakdown Detection)
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By applying various aspects of clinical research expertise-from genetic screening and analysis to brain imaging and in-depth demographic and environmental assessments-the LIBD project seeks to identify tangible criteria that can improve outcomes and prevent long-term disability for people living with ASD.
LIBD is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and a Maryland tax-exempt medical research institution affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
About LIBD The mission of the Lieber Institute for Brain Development is to translate the understanding of basic genetic and molecular mechanisms of schizophrenia and related developmental brain disorders into clinical advances that change the lives of affected individuals.
DEVELOPING NEW LIBD MEDICATIONS: At LIBD, basic science, clinical research and the development of novel therapeutics are all conducted under one roof.
Stem cell technology offers a unique opportunity to translate genetic understanding of mental illness into targeted therapies and the LIBD technology provides a precise view of how human stem cells act in the first steps that form the human brain.
PARTNERING WITH INDUSTRY TO SPEED RESEARCH TO TREATMENTS: LIBD successfully completed Phase I of an unprecedented precompetitive partnership in a consortium with five major pharmaceutical companies to speed the process of converting basic science findings about the construction and function of the human brain into new treatment options for people living with developmental brain disorders.
CONTINUING TO EXPAND THE UNIQUE LIBD BRAIN BANK: LIBD now has more than 1,500 exquisitely curated human brain specimens across lifestages from fetal life to late life, as well as many samples of matched patient skin cells and a bioregistry of extensive clinical and biological information from the individuals.
WORKING DIRECTLY WITH PATIENT POPULATIONS: With a shared vision of increasing the possibilities for those with mental illness to live full, productive and more joyful lives, LIBD announced a joint venture with Sheppard Pratt Health System, Inc.
Director and CEO of LIBD says that the team is seeking to "create the roadmap for brain development.
The LIBD BrainCloud(TM) database is freely accessible for further study and analyses.