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LIBERLigue des Bibliotheques Europeennes de Recherche (French: Association of European Research Libraries)
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For the principle Keep Access Sustainable, LIBER says that "some libraries have given up their rights to perpetual access in license agreement[s].
The modernist discourse (and Liber is more modernist than anything else) is based on, among other things, Miroslav Hroch's assumption that nations--especially those emerging from "incomplete" nonstate peoples in Eastern Europe--are the creations of intellectuals and activists.
Before discussing how successful the editors have been as stand-ins for the composer, let's take a closer look at the Liber secundus and its background, as presented in this edition.
Tobacco companies now sell hundreds of shisha-flavoured tobacco, from apple to mango and vanilla icecream; these flavours appeal to young people and women," stressed Liber.
You'd have to be fearful of Moth and Liber Nauticus but I wouldn't swap her for those two.
00 Epsom Sporting (50:25:10) 21-24 Secret Gesture, 15-18 Moth, 14-17 Liber Nauticus, 8-11 Banoffee, 5-7 Say, 3-5 Talent, 2-4 Madame Defarge, The Lark, 1-3 Roz, Gertrude Versed, 0.
SIR MICHAEL STOUTE will be pondering Liber Nauticus' Investec Oaks prospects after she came cleanly through her warm-up in the Tattersalls Musidora Stakes at York.
Sir Michael Stoute's filly Liber Nauticus goes on trial for the Oaks in tomorrow's Musidora at York.
According to a report published by La Liber Belgique newspaper on Friday, Belgian MPs pointed to confirmed information that Belgium allowed the selling of arms to countries, including the UAE and Qatar which resold them to the Syrian militants.
Analyst liber Sela said that the concept of international cooperation is a good idea but having in mind the "speech of hatred" of Albanian PM Dacic, it is clear that the integration is not their goal but the counter-response to Albanians.
29-53), apoiando-se em duas versoes da Physica Plinii, em Quaestiones medicinales do Pseudo-Sorano, em Liber medicinalis do Pseudo-Democrito (uma versao latina fragmentaria da Synopsis de Oribasio), refere que na Alta Idade Media os textos medicos foram, com frequencia, sujeitos a modificacoes de redaccao intencionais como a substituicao de linguagem obsoleta por expressoes de uso comum (ainda que, por vezes, tal processo ocorresse de modo inconsciente).
Perspectives of international law in the 21st century; liber amicorum Professor Christian Dominice in honour of his 80th birthday.