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LICITLabor-Industry Coalition for International Trade
LICITLife Insurance Company Taxable Income
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The diversion of precursor chemicals from licit producers to the illicit drug trade is a serious problem.
There is urgent need for humankind to evolve a consensus on what is licit and what is not.
Where demand is strong because of acute insecurity, efforts to reduce diversion by increasing controls over the licit supply are less likely to be successful.
In the area of drug control policy development, we urge the Government of Bolivia to revamp its national drug control strategy to eliminate permissiveness in licit cultivation, to abolish the so-called "cato" exemption, and to tighten controls on the sale of licit coca.
Second, if the legal price is lower than the common price, then it is illicit to demand the common price, and only licit to demand the legal price.
The answer may in fact yield to licit cooperation in wrongdoing.
Part comedy, part satire, part mystery and part art history, the plot carries the reader across three continents into the high stakes world of licit and illicit art collection before its literal and figurative homecoming.
This technical report examines data on licit trade in scheduled precursor chemicals, reports government activities to curtail drug smuggling, and recommends specific actions for preventing traffickers from obtaining precursor chemicals.
Thus they attract the scrutiny of overzealous DEA agents and prosecutors who either don't understand "best practice" or are seeking headlines to divert attention from their overall failure to prevent wide scale criminal diversion of licit and illicit drugs.
Justice Scalia's dissent notwithstanding, then, the Court's opinion in Lawrence actually takes pains to reinforce the existence of an intelligible legal line between illicit and licit sex, even as the watershed holding moves across the line one particular form of intimacy--private, consensual sex between adults of the same sex.
Recent trends in the use of licit and illicit drugs are emphasized, as well as trends in the levels of perceived risk and personal disapproval associated with each drug.
A sort of Time Warner Center run amok, the eponymous Franklin Abraham takes the concept of mixed-use development to decadent extremes, comprising apartments, offices, casinos, theme restaurants, upscale lounges, dingy demimonde salons, retail operations both licit and illicit, and a "Sky Park.