LIDBLine Information Data Base
LIDBLine Information DataBase
LIDBLogistics Integrated Database
LIDBLogistics Intelligence Data Base
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SAR registration for LIDB gets you the CD needed to gain access.
The principal LIDB product, the LIDB client server, delivers current, accurate info for soldiers, managers, and leaders across the Army.
Logon ID and password access to the LIDB suite of products can be requested from: https://www.
LIDB users can compute peacetime and contingency PLLs and ASLs whenever needed.
In fact, TNS was the only SS7 provider that actually has a usable and simple interface for querying LIDB today, as opposed to being six months away," explains Justin Hannah, president of Carrier One.
The Company's core competencies, validation services, speaker verification applications, SS7 transport with LIDB access services and call center services, will be leveraged into non-correctional markets.
Additionally, in March 2003 the company advanced its investment and strategic alliance with Accudata Technologies, a provider of data validation services, that provides the company access to LIDB information useful to manage credit risks.
The services provided by Accudata are synergistic for T-NETIX, allowing flexible, high-speed access to a centralized LIDB through sophisticated SS7 transport technology.
Updating outside agencies for items such as LIDB, E911 and directory updates used to require an entire day each month because of the manual processing required," said Susan Fairchild, Office Manager, Foothills Telephone Cooperative.
With solutions for intelligent network services, such as ISUP (integrated services digital network user part) call setup and transport; ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-41 and GSM (global system for mobile communications) wireless signaling; local number portability; calling name; LIDB (line information database); and toll-free database storage and queries, TSI has become an important one-stop source for telecommunications signaling networks.
The LIDB application uses a single Oracle database to consolidate 66 systems supporting Army readiness, maintenance, supply, authorizations, pipelines and other aspects of the strategic, operational and tactical activities of the Army.