LIDDSLocal Implant Drug Delivery System (Helsingborg, Sweden)
LIDDSLanguage Imagery Diction Details Syntax (literary analyzation)
LIDDSLogistics Interactive and Distributed Database System
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This has been achieved by the hard work and close collaboration of experts at both LIDDS and Recipharm.
With the successful manufacturing performed at Recipharm, LIDDS can offer license agreements for Liproca Depot with the advantage of having validated production in place, saving both time and money for pharma companies.
LIDDS develops medications for cancer and other diseases, using its patented NanoZolid technology, which releases the medication locally and efficiently, resulting in fewer side effects and treatments when compared to systemic treatment.
By establishing a partnership with Professor Mustapha Hassan and Dr Ying Zhau, LIDDS will broaden its range of R&D activities to develop novel NanoZolid formulations for local tumour therapy.
The terms of the agreement will see LIDDS conduct feasibility studies that will be fully funded by the other party.