LIHFLow Income Housing Fund
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LIHF offers a variety of lending programs in order to help raise the economic and social vitality of entire neighborhoods by providing loans to non-profit entities with funding from various national institutions such as banks, grants, pension funds and private foundations.
At LIHF we believe that charter schools serve an important purpose in neighborhood revitalization, so the decision to help fund the Oakland Charter Academy made perfect sense.
We saw the strategic significance of joining forces with LIHF on this loan project as part of a broader community agenda and are pleased to be a part of helping revitalize a tremendously important East Bay community.
Our presence in the Fruitvale community sends a message that the neighborhood rates a good school, and we are delighted that both LIHF and LISC have come together on our behalf," added Tony Colon, principal, Oakland Charter Academy.
The support of organizations like LIHF and LISC reiterate to the children, the school and the community as a whole that Oakland Charter Academy is an important and viable institution, and that we are worthy of this facility.
LIHF is a non-profit community development financial institution that provides financing in order to support neighborhood revitalization.