LIKLekamen Illusionen Kallet (Swedish band)
LIKLesna Industrija Kocevje (Wood Industry Kocevje, Slovenia)
LIKLASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) Interface Keratitis (eyes)
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On these crests hug masses, exceeding in dimensions any small building, seeme to stand arrested in their headlong course: there, also, th curved strata of the archways lay piled on each other, lik the ruins of some vast and ancient cathedral.
i m tellin u that part lik raymond told me aunt louise kickd me out whn dr cobb got 2 Dad .
After a routine visit last May, Conwy County Council inspectors found draft lager advertised as Sun Lik Beer actually came from a keg of Carlsberg.
To commemorate this special collection, Lik is accompanying its immediate release of 950 Limited Editions and 45 Artist Proofs with an expertly framed image of his latest, captivating photograph.
SAR la Princesse Heritiere Mary de Danemark, en visite au Maroc en tant que presidente de la Fondation Mary, une ONG engagee dans la lutte contre la violence a l'egard des femmes, s'est rendue, mercredi a Casablanca, au siege de l'association Lik pour le developpement, oE elle a eu des entretiens avec les responsables de cette association qui s'active dans le domaine du soutien aux jeunes et aux femmes en situation difficile.
28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Samsung China and highly acclaimed landscape photographer, Peter Lik, have launched a fresh campaign to unveil the unprecedented camera capabilities of the new Galaxy S6 edge+ smartphone -- set to revolutionize the way in which tech-savvy millennial capture the world around them.
From slate, lik ike ke Sa Sal alm alma ma like Salma and Monica, to silver, Ter li lik ke T e Te er like Teri, there's a tempting to ton one ne tone to suit everyone.
When the bell rings for playtime We all shout and cheer We all lik e to play outside At this lovely time of year.
Both moth and baby are well and the f are over the m and would lik thank everyo their kind wis and support.
Kim Gladston, general manager of the New Alexandra Theatre said: "This is a real opportunity for budding actors and actresses to experience what performing on a professional stage is really lik