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LILLLeadership Institute for Latino Literacy
LILLLigue Intercité Laurentides-Lanaudière (French: Laurentides-Lanaudière Intercity League; Canada)
LILLLeicester Institute of Lifelong Learning (UK)
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Her clarity can lack warmth however, leaving the virtuosity of Weber's Grand Duo Concertante feeling hollow despite its playfulness, whereas Lill instantly established a quiet intensity with his four Rachmaninov Preludes and Webber delivered the sweet, regretful melodies of his father's two short pieces with simple, affecting emotion.
Lill, "California Cryobank acknowledges the importance of continued research in this area and is enthused by a study underway by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to continue exploring the many possibilities of stem cell transplants derived from cord blood -- with the ultimate goal of helping more people survive life-threatening illnesses.
John Lill gave his first piano recital at the age of nine and by the time he was 18 had made his London debut playing Beethoven's Emperor Piano Concerto at the Royal Festival Hall.
Lill is a Certified Senior HR Practitioner in the United States and a Certified Human Resources Professional in Canada.
We have a pair of tickets to give away for The Romantic Prom featuring pianist John Lill, on Friday, July 26.
Parkgate's consolation came from Lill in the 90th minute.
The near-capacity audience listened in awed silence as Lill gave a commanding performance of the limpid Adagio sostenuto second movement.
Night worker Norman Lill said: "I don't know how he got in.
Lill left the adagio plain and unadorned eschewing the sort of seductively florid decoration that, for example, Andras Schiff uses but it had an austere beauty.
to launch an exclusive collection that will see Anna Hewett and Lill Jenner transform your summer wardrobe.
Sutt (construction economics and management), Lill (building production), and Muursepp (civil engineering, all Tallinn U.
Throughout the cryptic story, Lill was the voice of the audience.