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LIMLaSalle Investment Management (various locations)
LIMLibros Interactivos Multimedia (Spanish: Multimedia Interactive Books)
LIMLess Is More (design)
LIMLat Instrument Manager
LIMLotus Intel Microsoft
LIMLiquid Injection Molding
LIMLinear Induction Motor
LIMLogical Information Machines (Chicago, IL)
LIMLand Information Memoranda (New Zealand)
LIMLaboratory Information Management (Team)
LIMLower Intake Manifold
LIMLine Interface Module
LIMLoad Information Manager (distributed computing)
LIMLow Income Measure (Canada)
LIMLogistics Information Management
LIMLand Information Management (forestry industry)
LIMLine Isolation Monitor
LIMLife Impact Ministries
LIMLive Improvised Music (record label)
LIMLeaders in Motion
LIMLogistics Inventory Management
LIMLink Interface Module
LIMLosing Inventory Manager
LIMLast Interglacial Maximum
LIMLatent Image Metrology
LIMLead Inspection Module
LIMLogical Information Model (computing)
LIMLawful Intercept Monitor
LIMLinear Iteration Method
LIMLima, Peru - International Jorge Chavez (Airport Code)
LIMLossy Inhomogeneous Medium
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Veach credited the FBI and federal officials for bringing Lim to justice.
Because the materials used in the LIM panels are all olefins, they do not have to be separated before recycling.
Although the imprints haven't been linked to a specific type of sauropod, Lim says, the tooth indicates at least some could have been made by a brachiosaur.
Lim, 59, lost to Chia Kwan Chye from the ruling National Front (BN) coalition party by only 104 votes for his long-held parliamentary seat.
Engel's Timmerman thinks much of LSR's growth can be found in markets best tapped by rubber molders and specialist LIM houses.
Lim had been determined to give his father the finest possible funeral.
Lim told how he had lost as much as pounds 15,000 in one night.
Lim more than makes up for the restriction in the main public spaces, running riot with a vast, pitched roof of timber supported by robust trusses, so that the immediate impression on entering the hotel is predominantly that of a timber structure, reminiscent, as intended, of local tradition, but blown up to a great and suitably awe-inspiring scale.
Five teenage gang members in a car followed Lim home.
A Department of Justice (DOJ) panel of prosecutors threw out the complaint against Lim, Espinosa and several others, saying the evidence presented by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group was weak.
If the 1997 bailout was an acute illness, the Korean economy is now suffering from creeping cancer," Lim said in an interview with local media.