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LIMCALiquid Metal Cleanliness Analyzer (aluminium industry)
LIMCALao Iu Mien Culture Association (Oakland, CA)
LIMCALong Island Mini Cup Association (Islip, NY)
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With this, the XUV500 has set a new record in the Limca Book of Records.
The patriarch, a retired plumbing engineering consultant who has devoted his time collecting items for the books, showed XPRESS a certificate signed by Limca Book of Records editor, Vijaya Ghose, bearing his family's fresh record.
Patnaik, who holds seven other records in sand art, said that he had approached the Limca Book of Records this time to break his own record of making 22 feet tall sculpture of Jesus in 2011.
The Joyalukkas showroom in Chennai has been recognised by the Limca Book of World Records as being the largest jewellery showroom in the world.
The Limca Book of World Records has recognised CCIL as India's biggest chain of family clubs.
Also on the opening day itself, Coca Cola India will launch the 26th edition of the Limca Book of Records , dedicated to the Indian literature.
She holds a place in the Limca Books of Indian Records for writing a poem every day to date, since 1989.
SANTA CLARITA - Standing amid shelves of spiky bitter melons and spicy aromatics, Sandra Balaram picked out a few packs of lentils, sweet and sticky gulab jamum - a cheese dessert - and a case of Limca sodas on a grocery run to India Spiceland last week.
In addition to the LiMCA and pressure filtration techniques, other tools have been developed as opportunities for metalcasters to better assess their aluminum melts.
It helped her to achieve world record and to get a prominent place in Limca Book of Records-2015, recently.
The primeval sound is as basic to life as the rhythm of the heart, and it was perhaps this intuitive cadence that attracted Pandita Anuradha Pal, deemed the first professional female tabla player by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Who's Who Journal of the World and the Limca Book of Records, to the instrument as a little child in the first place.