LIMRLankenau Institute for Medical Research (Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)
LIMRLipocalin-1 Interacting Membrane Receptor (molecular biology)
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Mindy George-Weinstein of LIMR is looking at a therapy that uses small molecule drugs to target cells that cause post-cataract surgery eye lesions.
A paper published by Genisphere, LIMR and Affymetrix scientists in February 2012 in PLoS One showed platelet-derived miRNAs can reliably classify the severity and outcome of UC and they are important mediators in the IBD inflammatory response.
Rockland Immunochemicals will market LDI's entire portfolio of LIMR monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, which bind biomarkers crucial for cell signaling, immune system regulation, inflammatory responses, cellular metabolism, and cancer progression.
As part of the Main Line Health System, LIMR is one of the few freestanding, hospital-associated medical research centers in the nation.