LIMRALife Insurance and Market Research Association (now LIMRA International, Inc.)
LIMRALife Insurance Management Research Association (Windsor, CT)
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According to LIMRA research, 7 in 10 young advisors are using social media; yet more than two thirds believe they need more support.
Forty percent of people who bought a policy and were happy about their experience said it was because of a simple buying process," said Kristen Gillis, analyst, LIMRA International Research.
Each of these products has grown by 12 percent or more in the past four years, LIMRA said.
And while households can use life insurance proceeds on the deceased to pay the estate tax, LIMRA found that 55 percent of these households would not have enough coverage to do so.
Our research shows that the three most important things buyers look for when they're purchasing life insurance are premium and coverage guarantees and lifetime coverage," says Ashley Durham, a senior analyst with LIMRA in Windsor, Conn.
What's striking is that consistently, women in the middle market expressed more concern about their financial well-being than men did," said Nilufer Ahmed, senior research director, LIMRA Markets Research.
Similar to a study of consumers that LIMRA conducted, the survey found producer confidence in insurance companies was higher than all other financial institutions, including stock brokerage and investment firms, mutual funds, banks, and even ratings agencies and regulators.
But as the industry evolved to a wider range of products and distribution approaches, LIMRA was expected to keep pace.
Last fall, LIMRA surveyed 1,200 consumers, age 40 or over, who purchased a retail deferred annuity within the past three years.
Mindset Digital is the exclusive digital training partner of both LIMRA and LOMA, and together they will be offering a co-branded curriculum called Digital Marketing U.
Scivantage[R], an independent financial technology provider with proven expertise in online brokerage, tax and portfolio reporting, and wealth management applications, in partnership with Kehrer-LIMRA, a subsidiary of LIMRA and a provider of research and consulting for banks, announced today results of a survey of the bank brokerage industry.
About LIMRA LIMRA is a worldwide research, consulting, and professional development organization that helps more than 850 insurance and financial services companies in 64 countries.