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LIMSLaboratory Information Management System
LIMSLaboratory Information Management Services
LIMSLibrary Information Management System
LIMSLimb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere
LIMSLand Information Management System (Canada)
LIMSLogistics Information Management System
LIMSLast Icon Maker Standing
LIMSLogistics Inventory Management System
LIMSLog Inventory Management System
LIMSLaser Ionization Mass Spectrometer
LIMSLongbow Integrated Maintenance System (Apache helicopter)
LIMSLaban Institute for Movement Studies
LIMSLow Intensity Magnetic Separator
LIMSLantfleet Information Management System
LIMSLIDAR Imaging and Measurement System (for Localization of Mobile Platforms)
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The quality results are also stored here and the LIMS therefore maintains a bi-directional interface with BDEMQ to synchronize the two systems.
LabWare introduced a LabWare Web LIMS product which allows customers to choose between interfacing with the LIMS through the Web LIMS, the Client/ Server LIMS or a combination of both.
The plan fell apart, however, when baby Joann Lim decided that today simply would not do.
A LIMS is important to applied research, says Randall Stein, a laboratory automation consultant with Chespeake Software, Chadds Ford, PA, because of its ability to foster new synergistic paths of scientific discovery.
We are referring to unrelated individuals Roberto Lim, aviation undersecretary at the Department of Transportation, and Edmundo Lim, vice chair at All-Asia Resources and Reclamation, which proposed a P1.
So, chemistry and drug discovery are in the cross hairs of the LIMS vendors, but rest assured that LIMS are used in many creative ways by companies nowhere near these industries.
The first point is how pervasive a LIMS can be relative to other information-based systems.
Photo: (Color) (CONEJO and SIMI only) Grace Kim and Joann Lim share digs as Joomi Lim looks on.
In a video released by Malacanang, Duterte 'strongly' advised Lim to submit himself to an investigation to prove that he is not the 'Peter Lim' identified as the Visayan member of the drug triad.
A LIMS is designed to manage and record test results for samples and to report the results.