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LINEARLincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research program
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At the September 2012 CableLabs Linear and IP Ad Interop event in Louisville, CO, BlackArrow previewed a new set of services and interfaces, collectively called linear extensions for dynamic ad insertion, which are designed to seamlessly blend the outputs from traditional linear TV ad systems with dynamic ad insertion capabilities.
The company indicated that wire-cutting machines built with linear motors outperform conventional models using screws in terms of corner finishing efficiency and precision.
Users can also add an optional IDEA integrated programmable drive system to several linear rail configurations.
Let Y be a linear space over X and V be a fuzzy set of Y with membership function [[mu].
A linear approach allows the pitcher's arm to stay long to the target and not spin off.
Deeply embedded in the author's analysis is modernization theory--the circular representing the traditional and the linear the modern.
The purpose of this paper is to present an activity that was used to introduce ideas related to the simple linear regression model as well as to illustrate potential problems that can arise when manipulating 'real-life' data.
The macrostructures consisted of linear chains and lout-arm stars that served as a model representing a highly branched system.
As far as capacity futures are concerned DAT/DDS, 8mm, AIT, and VXA helical scan products have less available total tape area than the linear technology products Travan, SC50, SLR, LTO, and DLT tape formats.
That is, the new units are obtained by a linear transformation of the original units.
DMG Chicago (Schaumburg, IL) is offering three new CNC multispindle lathes from GILDEMEISTER Italiana which are equipped with dynamic linear drives in the X axes of the 4th and 5th machining stations (each of the machines has six stations), which explains why the machines are designated the GMC 20 linear, GMC 35 linear, and GMC 55 linear.