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LINGOsLearning for International Non-Governmental Organizations
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Paloma was the first to talk, in his own lingo, for he talked back to her.
The lingo was rippling from Leith's lips, but perforce I stopped him.
You'll pass for Whitechapel if the worst comes to the worst and you don't forget to talk the lingo.
But all those people had heard a prophecy of Napoleon, under the name of Kebir Bonaberdis; a word which in our lingo means, 'The Sultan fires a shot,' and they feared him like the devil.
Washington, DC, US-based InsideNGO is a member association of international non-governmental organisations, WHERE-based LINGOs is a virtual not-for-profit capacity building organisation specialising in eLearning.
The Board of Oilex Ltd (the Company) is very pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Lingo as an Independent Non-Executive Director.
Launched in September 2013 from its London office, Lingos has since welcomed more than 1,000 teachers and over 700 students on board and continues to grow rapidly.