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LINSLaser Inertial Navigation System
LINSLego Imagination News Station (online forum)
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Many PBOs fail to align the superceded radios under the proper MTOE (LIN R57606), and may list them under LINs FA2038, FA208T, Z00876, R30308, R57674 and/or R38403 (the only authorized substitution).
It's his personal decision and we can't do anything to change it, but I'm behind coach Lins and have the best wishes for our team next year.
The following chart lists some problem LINs and their nomenclatures.
What Lins doesn't prefer is for one of the would-be team leaders to try and be someone he's not.
I think they were all very good assistant coaches waiting for the opportunity to take over programs,'' said Redell, who had Lins as his defensive coordinator and Benkert as his offensive coordinator when he coached at Crespi.
LINs make the rejected list for a number of reasons.
And more gold moments; Jeremy Lin proclaiming to a prospective buyer that he gets a lot of "I look like Jeremy Lin"; when Jeremy Lin was told by a female customer that her boyfriend was about the same height, Lin asked who was better looking him or her boyfriend; Jeremy Lin asking customers, "Do you like the Lakers?
And this is what "Linsanity," a Sundance-acclaimed film based on the true underdog story of Lin, depicted.
The 40-year-old Canadian Nash complimented the 26-year-old Asian-American Lin who has shown flashes of brilliance previously with the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets.
Watch the funny Jeremy Lin video at Madame Tussaud here:
You can search fro SUBLINC in both directions: LIN to SUBLIN or SUBLIN to LIN.
However, Lin stressed that Linsanity is just a part of his past as he aims to provide a better brand of basketball with the purple-and-gold.