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LIOLondon Improvisers Orchestra (UK)
LIOLimon, Costa Rica (Airport code)
LIOLocal Infrastructure Organisation (UK)
LIOLaser Indirect Ophthalmoscope
LIOLegal Information Online
LIOLesser Included Offense
LIOLeadership Interdiction Operations (various countries)
LIOLocal Intelligence Officers (England)
LIOLow Intensity Operations
LIOLithium Organic (battery)
LIOLow Input/Output (printers)
LIOLoad In/Out
LIOLock In/Lock Out
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The former England captain and his wife Alex welcomed Lio into the world just over a week ago, but Gerrard fans were quick to point out the resemblance between father and son.
He said Alex and Lio are "doing great" and added: "Our family is complete.
Built with HD sound, LIO allows team members to hear orders clearly and accurately, without the need for noisy grill speakers.
Target: Corvette Group SpA , Corvette Pharmaceutical Services Group , LIO Immobiliare srl
Sin embargo, los resultados de los estudios experimentales de farmacos citotoxicos y agentes farmacologicos, con el objetivo de prevenir la incidencia de OCP, no obtuvieron resultados satisfactorios, por lo que todo el interes se ha centrado principalmente en el material, el diseno y los bordes del LIO y en la propia intervencion quirurgica (spalton, 1999) (tabla 2).
China's Li and Lio take on Kuwaitis Omar Al Shaheen and Khaled Al Mutairi while USA's Van Boening and Archer face Hungarians Miko Balazs and Gabor Solymosi in the Round of 32.
Forty in-depth semistructured interviews were conducted with actors from various departments within Dane County who make use of GIS such as the LIO manager; GIS technicians; senior planner; members of the sheriff's office, public safety, emergency management, and highway departments; the city of Madison officials; officials within the State Cartographer's office; private agencies involved in GIS projects; spatial and nonspatial data-providing agencies; university researchers who are involved with Dane County; and officials from the Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility (LICGF) of UW-Madison who are involved in constructing GIS either directly or indirectly.
She explained that instructional designers are organic to LIO and distinctly different from training developers.
Computex, one of the most influential computer exhibitions in the world, provides an excellent environment for Ford to highlight our commitment to not only developing and delivering the best global technologies, but also make them very user-friendly," said Thomas Fann, president, Ford Lio Ho Motor Co.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lio Wi Min on Wednesday welcomed the positive outcome of talks between Iran and International Atomic Energy Agency, and said that Iran-IAEA talks and cooperation aimed at solving Iran's nuclear stand-off through diplomatic means are fruitful.
Against the backdrop of the Beltway Sniper incident in 2002, two teens, Lio and Craig, find themselves struggling to make sense of the pain in their lives and to find the courage to overcome it.