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LIPLLanxess India Private Limited
LIPLLubrizol India Private Limited (oil products)
LIPLLiberty International Pensions Limited (UK)
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Under the leadership of the former Saint-Simonian Charles Lemonnier, the LIPL identified economic misery, social injustice, and political tyranny as the causes of war.
12) The LIPL spread its views through a journal significantly titled Les Etats-Unis d'Europe.
The ratings reflect LIPL's established market position in the departmental stores category, its diversified revenue profile, the strong support it receives from its parent, the Landmark group, and the benefits that LIPL is expected to derive from the healthy growth prospects for the organised retail sector.
CRISIL believes that LIPL will continue to benefit from the healthy prospects for the domestic retail sector.
For arriving at its ratings, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of LIPL and Lovely Enterprises Pvt Ltd (LEPL).