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LIRCLinux Infrared Remote Control
LIRCLabor and Industry Review Commission (Wisconsin)
LIRCLouisiana Insurance Rating Commission
LIRCLighting Industry Resource Council (Association of Lighting Designers)
LIRCLouisville and Indiana Railroad Co.
LIRCLogistics Information Requirements Council
LIRCLittle Italy Redevelopment Corporation (Cleveland, OH)
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The LIRC evaluates implants with five levels of knowledge: possession of the implant only; possession of the implant plus intra-operative details; all of the above plus clinical and blood details of the patient; all of the above plus implanted device imaging details; and linkage to registry.
In LIRC (2003) informal activity was incorporated into the definition.
Today, there are 66 member companies that participate in the LIRC.
On Beehive in particular, Fleury adds, "We want to acknowledge the contribution of LIRC.
The state-of-the-art LIRC thermal imaging system will be integrated into the sighting system of the upgraded CV9040 C combat vehicle to provide improved image quality and increased identification ranges for vehicles used by the Swedish Defense Forces in international military operations.